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Great Pyrenees - A Dream Come True

We Officially Have 6 Great Pyrenees on the Farm!

We pride ourselves on rehabilitating neglected, abused and feral canines and reintegrating them into a well socialized and happy lifestyle here on the farm! Each one is beautiful and kind. They are all a true gift!

Hailey Grace

Hailey Grace is purebred Great Pyrenees, but is not registered.

She was born in November of 2012.

She is a beautiful, shy girl who loves her job!

It is known that Pyrenees usually dont "figure out" their livestock guardian jobs until they are 8 to 12 months old. But Miss Hailey is a pro! She is very aware, loves her goats, and spends her time patrolling the area making sure nothing is out of place!


Hailey at 4 months!


Caleb Axel

Caleb Axel is AKC registered, his registered name is:

Walker's Caleb Axel

This boy is so sweet. He loves every person and animal he meets. He is quite the air conditioning hog though, if he can wiggle his way into the house! Caleb is definitely in love with water, he likes to lay in his pool and play in the sprinkler!

He was born in May of 2013. He truely thinks that Hailey Grace and Emma Rose walk on water. He follows them every step and tries to mimic every move they make!

Soldier Boy

Soldier is a purebred Great Pyrenees, but he is not registered.

Soldier is an incredibly smart boy, he learns very fast.

He is a chatty fellow who loves to tell you all about his day. He is very attached to his oversized tennis ball, and he is great friends with our Border Collie mix, Brandie.

Soldier is very aware of everything that goes on anywhere near the farm and he is the first to let wildlife intruders know he is there!


Dessa is approximately 1 year old.

She is a guardian at heart.

 She wanders the property freely and protects everything!

Incredibly docile, she loves all of the livestock,

 except she loves to taunt Grasshopper, our cat!

She is absolutely in love with Caleb Axel. 

She follows him wherever he goes:)

Bao - Our Incredible City Boy

We adopted Bao from an incredible family, just recently.

Having never been on a farm before, it has been a huge change for him.

But he has adapted extremely well!

Bao does really well with Emma and Hailey, and his newest best friend is a little Holstein heifer named Dori.

We are in love with this fella :)


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